We Have Some Questions For You!

Your answers to these questions will determine your success in avoiding workplace legal issues. Let us help you mitigate that risk.

We offer expert led training dedicated to providing innovative, management, leadership and employment law based solutions through one of the most effective tools of all – knowledge!

• How confident are you that your frontline managers or you as the business owner know the laws governing the workplace?

• Could your frontline managers and leadership team name and explain these laws and the timeframes associated with them?

• Are you confident that policies and procedures are consistently applied and adhered to throughout your organization?

• Are there constant complaints about your managers and leaders?

• If the Department of Labor audited your organization, could you pass without being fined?

• Are people being accused of workplace bullying, discrimination, unfair treatment, unfair wages within your organization?

• Do you have team members or departments that consistently fall short in meeting operational goals?

• Is your company one of the best places to work?

• Are you experiencing low retention and high attrition?

• Are you having diversity, equity, and inclusion issues?

What Others Are Saying

“I attended the Legal and Ethical Behavior in the Workplace seminar training and it was very enlightening. My knowledge about unethical behavior was greatly enhanced because in the past I was on the receiving end of an employer’s poor behavior towards me. At the time I was not fully aware of my rights as an employee. Employers and employees should have such training as mandatory in the workplace. Tijuana “TJ” Everhart and attorney Tonya Floyd Chambers are the “Dynamic Duo” and I cannot say enough about them and their methods. I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Pamela Smith, CEO & Owner of PTS Compliance Consulting, LLC”

Pamela Smith
CEO & Owner of PTS Compliance Consulting, LLC

“I really appreciate the opportunity to have access to individuals of the caliber of Tonya Floyd Chambers and TJ Everhart in their respective professions and any opportunity I have to learn information of this magnitude I don't take it lightly. The training I attended was excellent, very thorough and gave me tools I could use at work right away. The knowledge I received was relevant to my daily tasks as it relates to managing my team as well as meeting with senior management at my place of business. The dynamic principals that I learned through their training course has made me more of a powerful contender for future advancement within my company. I cannot express enough my gratitude for having access to such valuable information that serves me now and will serve me going forward in the future. Thank you so much Tonya and TJ for a great course, I will definitely attend more.”

Keith Walker
Customer Service Manager

“TJ Everhart and Tonya Floyd Chambers presented a DEI Talk for our Continuing the Race Conversation Virtual Series and delivered excellence! They quickly engaged our audience and built rapport. The synergy between them is a breath of fresh air. Our audience is still talking about it three weeks later and we’ve asked them to come speak again at a future date.”

Tiffany Castagno, PHR, SHRM-CP